Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last year I decided I was going to build a Niner One9 for the 2009 race season. I ordered one in December with a slated delivery date of March. No big deal, right? I wouldn't want to ride my sweet new scandium bike in the snowy slushy weather anyway, right? Long story short, the Niner frame never came in, I did some research and decided I was going to go with a Bianchi Sok SS frame instead. 

After riding my Bianchi Sok a grand total of 5 times I decided the frame was WAY too big. Which was a bummer, cause it was a sweet bike and it rode really well. After a little deliberation with Daniel from Cycle to Fitness, I decided that I'd just find a new frame and swap all the parts. I was thinking I would go with a Misfit Psycles DiSSent.  I talked to Daniel  about getting one in my size to build up. He showed me the Soul Cycles Dillinger. All signs pointed in this direction. It has the same tube set as the Bianchi (Easton Ultralite Race Aluminum), no track dropouts (it has an eccentric bottom bracket), and was close to the same geometry and about 1/2 the price of the Niner One9 I was originally looking at. 

I built it up last thursday just in time for a PLRA pre-ride. The only thing thats different is the Seat post as this one requires a 31.6mm post and the Bianchi took a 27.2mm. Here it is fresh after a cleaning and lube this afternoon. The geometry of the frame along with how I've got it set up make it feel really agressive. It just wants to go fast! I am also super impressed with the Laserdisc Single Duty hubs. They roll very smooth and are pretty light for a fairly inexpensive hub set. The one thing I haven't decided on yet is if I'm keeping the Reba up front. I almost always have it locked out, so I think I'm going to go with a carbon fork to save some weight. I am very happy with how this bike turned out, now I just need to put some more miles on it!



Dan Frayer said...

That fork will change your life.
love dan

Craig said...

As much as I like Bianchi I think you made a great choice, Mike. Sweet looking rig!